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Photo credit: Stephanie Kuse


Emilie Lebel (Émi) is a francophone singer-songwriter from Saskatchewan. As a francophone, her music career sky-rocketed this year. In 2016, she won the singer-songwriter competition “Nouvelle Scène” and went on to represent Saskatchewan at Chant’Ouest, a western singer-songwriter competition, which was aired live on ICI Radio-Canada in septembre 2016. In 2017, she went on to represent Saskatchewan during the “Planète BRBR” singer-songwriter competition, which aired weekly on TFO. Having won all three rounds of the competition, she represented Saskatchewan, at the live finals on May 13 2017 where she won second place to the Ottawa finalist, Marie-Claude Sarault. Whatever she chooses to write about, there is no doubt that she is sincere with her words. Blessed with a whiskey-honey voice and a knack for hitting home with her words, Émi is sure to win your heart. Coupled with her French background, she has a curious way of communicating. Her songs can range from a variety of topics, switching languages from French to English and back again, with ease and beauty. Her music can be described as gentle musical poetry, but don’t let that description fool you – her presence on stage let’s you into her goofy universe!

Planète BRBR Performance